About the Brand
Relish is a food and lifestyle multi-media streaming service that provides lifestyle programming to a social, engaged audience of entertaining professionals. Relish is celebratory, fun and adventurous, offering viewers escape from their hectic lives. 
Project Description
Relish required development of a complete visual identity that included a dynamic logo system, logo animation, marketing visual materials and a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. 
Visual Identity Approach
The Relish visual identity draws upon the concept of a path that reflects the journey of the eco lifestyle: though not linear, it is strong and confident, and at times loops back to lean into the journey, or to ‘relish in it’.  The organic shaped path is paired with an elegant serif typeface to create a balanced logo system that is confident, approachable and celebratory.
Programs Used
Illustrator + Photoshop + Indesign + AfterEffects
Editorial Logos
Graphics & Imagery
The Relish microsite is a B2B sales tool that sells advertising space and promotes brand opportunities within Relish. Website content is presented in a dynamic manner to keep users engaged while also allowing for straightforward navigation. Several effects were designed to create an unique user experience including an animated 'Relish path' page transition to maintain engagement and to create connections between pages.  
Instagram Visual Design Strategy
The Relish instagram account uses a three-pronged approach that will feature three different post type categories:  text-based posts, information reels, and inspirational imagery posts.
Merchandise Design
Logo Animation
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